Head of SMB Acquisition

  • Kinnek
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Aug 24, 2019

Job Description

The next step for the Kinnek is to become the dominant platform for SMBs to manage all their purchasing and their supplier relationships. We have nearly 10,000 small businesses on the platform now. That's cool. But how do we get to 20,000 businesses... 100,000 businesses... 250,000 businesses? That's where you come in.We are looking for an experienced digital marketing professional to spearhead the next phase of our buyer acquisition strategy. Our target audience is decision makers at SMBs who control their organizations' purse strings. The types of businesses we're talking about including restaurants, bakeries, hotels, small manufacturers, etc. We are looking for someone to not only scale up our existing acquisition strategies, but think of new and creative ways of acquiring SMBs.At Kinnek, you will be responsible for all of our Buyer-side acquisition strategies, including:- Paid Advertising: managing all paid advertising campaigns for each SMB industry segment including SEM, Display, Social and Periodicals;- Email Marketing: acquiring lists of businesses and creating enticing email marketing plans to acquire them;- Strategic Partnerships and sponsorships: developing strategic partnerships or affiliates with the goal of widening our reach and growing our business base;- Content and Inbound Marketing: devising industry specific content strategies, optimizing exposure and measuring effectiveness;- Brand Building: thinking strategically about ways to widen the top of Kinnek's acquisition funnel by using PR, brand-awareness campaigns, etc.;- Acquisition-related Analytics: processing analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and turning data into actionable insightsPrior experience in all of the above is ideal. If you are interested in spearheading SMB acquisition at a rapidly-growing company, and want the opportunity to be instrumental in building the dominant B2B platform, please email us at;jointheteam@kinnek.com."