Sales Operations

  • The Shelf
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Aug 24, 2019

Job Description

Our sales are erupting. Literally. :)(In a good way.)We currently have two sales team members and we're planning on adding a few more over the next 2 months.What we need is a manager to handle the behind the scenes work :;-Processing all inbound leads.;-Checking into these leads to identify which ones to be pursued and by who.;-Scheduling demos.;-Sending over relevant material to sales leads (in order to speed up the closing of deals by customizing demos towards each company's unique goals).;-Handling all documents needed for closing deals (invoices, quotes, proposals).;-Setting up trials/;-Handling payments.;-Scheduling followups.;-And possibly handling lower level deals.If you're an organization-freak-of-nature, where you can knock out spreadsheets and pipelines in your sleep, we want you! This job is challenging and super rewarding. This role fills in that last 20% of effort that really makes the difference between a pass and a close.While this sounds like an unusual requirement, we've found that people who have experience in (and understand) fashion, do better. The majority of leads we're getting right now are in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle verticals. So having a really decent basic knowledge of fashion and brands will help significantly. (And that's not saying you need a degree from some fashion academy... just, that you shop for clothing, and you understand basic trends and style nuances. (i.e. What sorts of clothes define a hipster. What sorts of clothes define a metro business guy. Uppity women's clothing. Cheaper vintage clothing). Basic knowledge of styles, brands, and terms will go a long way.All leads are inbound so it's way more fun than cold-emailing and typical prospecting. This position has room for growth, it's a great starting point for people wanting to get into sales. And the main requirement is hardcore-organizational skills.