Sales Support Specialist

  • Bindo
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Sep 24, 2019

Job Description

Bindo is growing FAST and we care about delivering an awesome customer experience. To that end, we;re bringing on a new Sales Support Specialist.;** What will I be doing?;**;Sales Lead Generation - helping to qualify leads for our Sales team;New Merchant On-boarding - helping our new merchants move from their old system to Bindo;Customer Support - responding to calls and emails for new and existing customersYou;ll work with our Sales and Client Services teams and report directly to our cofounder.;** Would I make a great Sales Support Specialist?;**;You might, if you're upbeat, positive and resourceful! Empathy is also key. If you have a strong drive to help others, you might make a kick-ass Sales Support Specialist.;** What additional skillz should I have? **;; First of all, you should know that skills is not spelled with a “z”! Sales support specialists do a lot of writing.;;;;Know how to use a Mac and have a more than casual knowledge of iPads. Our product is iPad-based, after all.;;;;Know your way around a spreadsheet. We're not talking pivot tables, but you'll need to handle basic data manipulation via Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.;;;;Have above average HTML skills.;;;;Have above average IT skills. Oh, you know what bridge mode on a router is? Great.;;;Have great phone presence.;