Application Product Mgr

  • Computer Services Incorporated
  • Valparaiso, IN, USA
  • Sep 02, 2021

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities

A Product Managers responsibility will include: 1. Setting Product Strategy – Product Manager will work closely with the Software Engineering staff responsible for applicable Core Applications to ensure a clear understanding in all areas of the application. o This will include acting as facilitator for all meetings pertaining to new development or existing product development. o Review of system change request to ensure accuracy and content. 2. Maintaining Market/Competitive Knowledge – Product Manager have the responsibility to ensure they stay abreast of industry trends and are knowledgeable of competing products. 3. Participation in the Sprint Cycles o Review and groom the backlog with business value scores to ensure the requests with the higher score are completed. o Complete the Product Backlog Items in Azure DevOps to include acceptable criteria, reports, and documentation needs. o Ensure that Corporate Communications have all the material needed to write and complete documentation. 4. Marketing – Product Manager will be responsible for setting prices for new product enhancements and for promoting product attributes inside the core applications. 5. Training – Product Managers will be responsible for any internal and external training needs to assist our customers, Relationship Managers, and Customer Service. 6. Sales support – Product Manager will be participating in product demos for prospects and new banks. 7. Implementation support – Product Manager will assist the Implementation staff when needed. 8. Bank Visits – Product Manager will be required to attend several bank visits to discuss product strategies and new development opportunities.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Must have a High School diploma or higher Must have knowledge of the Product offering

Additional Notes

o Must be proficient in One Note, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams o Use of Azure Dev Ops