Software Dev Manager - Last Mile Tech

  • Services LLC
  • Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  • Oct 23, 2020

Job Description

7+ years of relevant engineering experience Experience in partnering with product and program management teams 3+ years of people management experience, managing engineers How often have you had an opportunity to be a founding member of a project team that is tasked with solving a huge everyday problem through innovative technology? Would you like to know more about how we are using the IoT (Internet of Things) to transform and disrupt an entire industry? If this sounds intriguing, come join Amazon Last Mile IoT to help transform the delivery experience for customers with unprecedented quality, efficiency and scale. Each time an Amazon package is delivered, technology is at the scene and behind the scene. Today, Last Mile IoT solutions support Amazon global business initiatives including Amazon Logistics, Amazon Flex, Amazon Lockers, etc., and its scope is expanding every day. Our team is actively seeking motivated and multi-talented individuals who are passionate about transforming the logistics and package delivery operations. We are inventing the next-generation smart warehouse and smart delivery operation with cutting-edge IoT technologies that also encompassing Wearable, Robotics, Machine Learning, etc. We develop the technology, productize the solution, operates and support the lifecycle of the IoT products and services we deployed. Our scope includes devices, sensors, hardware, and software, matching customer needs and delivery capacity with precision and efficiency, and expanding and transforming delivery experience with unprecedented quality, productivity and scale. As a Software Development Manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the next generation delivery technology, work process and customer/driver experience. You will build, grow and lead a software development organization for large scale Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions and deployments for transportation, logistics, and delivery. Your team will be the center of competency for embedded, mobile, wearable devices, sensors, and end-to-end sensing and analytics. The engineer skills include, but not limited to, the development of BSP (Board Support Package), firmware, driver, operating system modules, middleware, UI, and end-to-end business logic and analytics pipeline. Your team will also supervise and interact with hardware design, manufacturing, testing, and certification. You are expected to articulate and champion the product, vision, and development timeline in a cross-organization, cross-function and cross-geo environment with senior executives, as well as design, R&D, product management, operation, and finance teams. You will leverage your knowledge, experience, and network to deliver technology, solutions, as well as maximizing the long term potential of each individual engineer. Moreover, as a senior member in the organization and an industry veteran, you will be expected to contribute wherever the organizational or business need arises. That includes participation and influence in business development, strategy setting, technology research, and general decision making at every phase of a technology development from business ideation to technology development to solution launch. A candidate should demonstrate a strong engineering management acumen and experience, and have in-depth knowledge in mobile, IoT, connectivity, embedded, and web technologies. The candidate must be able to resolve ambiguity, dive deep into technical and business issues, negotiate a path forward, and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. Maturity, judgment, ability to earn trust, are essential to success in this role. Masters or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field. First-hand management or development experience in Internet-of-Things, mobile/embedded device, sensor and sensing technologies and solutions Experience with leading/bleeding edge technologies development or product management Interest and curiosity to work with design team to uncover customer needs and aspiration · · Experience in rapid prototyping and other fast iteration methods to ensure product delivers exceptional customer experience · · Effective leader in bridging the business and the engineering teams, between the development and the operation teams Excellent oral and written communication skills · · Strong business and technical acumen · · Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment Exhibits excellent judgment Hires and develops great people Has relentlessly high standards (is never satisfied with the status quo) Is able to dive deep and is never out of touch with the details of the business Expects and requires innovation of her/his team Has passion and convictions and the innate ability to inspire passion in others Strong results orientation Thinks big