Software Engineer - Front End

  • IZEA
  • Winter Park, FL, USA
  • Jul 23, 2020

Job Description

IZEA was built to connect the world’s top brands with influential content creators and publishers to enable influencer marketing and content production at scale. With over 500,000 Creators reaching over 3 billion fans and followers around the globe, IZEA is unmatched in its industry experience, network diversity, and technology ecosystem. A career at IZEA offers countless ways to make an impact in a fast-growing organization! IZEA is looking for a Software Engineer (all levels) focused on Front End Development to join our team. This team member may be located in the Orlando area or remote. You will use the latest tools and technology to build and support IZEA's industry leading platform, IZEAx. You will have the opportunity to work with one of the following teams: The Marketer Experience team Unity Workflow Analytics & Data Vizualization You will have direct access to end-users and stakeholders, and you are encouraged to build and leverage these relationships in your work. You will write and test your code, and work with our QA team to get it deployed to production. With the help of a homegrown, bot-driven CI/CD pipeline, your code will be delivered to users daily. Aside from the day to day, we can offer you incredible benefits including an annual continuing education budget, a trust-focused development process, a flexible and collaborative work environment where balance matters, stock ownership, and an annual company retreat. The team strives to be ego-free and motivated only by building amazing software for our users. We seek to understand the "why" behind the "what". We regularly break out into small teams to tackle problems, learn new technologies, or just share what we know with others. We test our code and invest in the health of our systems. We push each other, learn from each other, and strive to continually grow. Primary Responsibilities You will... Work with stakeholders to define the solutions to development problems and business requirements Develop and maintain customer-focused features and capabilities for the IZEAx platform Create unit and integration tests for your code Reproduce and fix bugs reported by internal and external users Set goals and communicate often about your progress toward them Contribute to the ongoing improvement of the Engineering organization and our software What We’re Looking For A problem solver at heart Much of our work revolves around problems that have no existing off-the-shelf solution or consensus on best practices. You'll often need to break down large problems into smaller more manageable tasks and utilize critical thinking to come up with novel ideas. 1+ years of web development experience The internet is a complicated place. A general understanding of what it means to develop software that is delivered over the web will serve you well and should include things like HTTP, CORS, DNS, and SSL. Ideally, you know what a load balancer is, understand stateless client-server application architecture, and can speak about the browser's DOM. 1+ years professional development experience with CSS, semantic HTML & Javascript This will be your day to day work. While we use frameworks to assist in the development of our applications, browsers understand CSS, HTML, and Javascript. You may skew more towards CSS, or more towards JS, but to get the job done, you should understand how they all fit together. Experience with a JavaScript Framework like AngularJS, React, Vue, or EmberJS Modern, API-driven web applications are large and complex, and IZEAx is no different. To help developers stay sane, frameworks have emerged to keep code bases in check. At IZEA, we use EmberJS. If you haven't used EmberJS before, it's ok; we are confident you can pick it up (and like it) if you have used one of these other frameworks. Experience with a CSS preprocessor like Sass or LESS For the same reason that we use a framework and tooling for Javascript, we use Sass to help manage the complexity that comes with a large code base that has many contributing developers. If you've used LESS instead, that's cool, we just want you to be ready for using a preprocessor and understand some of the advantages of it. Basic Linux skills In order to develop for IZEAx, you need to run it on your laptop. This means opening up some terminal windows, running some commands, and keeping the log output open. Additionally, some of our technology stack is better accessed through CLIs. Examples include the Ember CLI, the Rails CLI/console, Docker commands, Gradle, and our own gemstone architecture CLI. We'll walk you through it, but you should be comfy in a terminal. Ability to multitask and prioritize multiple incoming requests IZEA's Engineering team strives to provide a great experience and great service to our users. In order to do that, you may need to context switch into a support issue or drop what you are doing to start work on something else. This is part of what Agile means to us. Excellent verbal and written communications skills Regular and timely communication is the key to a trust based development process. You should be able to simply and concisely ask for feedback and direction in terms that your audience understands, and relay requested information in a timely fashion to your leaders. You should prioritize documentation of processes and code. Demonstrated experience with the following will be highly valued Interface & Experience Design Working on the front end, you inherently get an over-sized say in the user's experience with our software. Attention to detail, quality, usability, accessibility, standards, and trends in interface design will help you succeed at IZEA. Amazon Web Services, or other cloud providers IZEA's software is hosted on AWS, and you will need to acquire some familiarity with it. Previous experience in using a cloud provider, even if just for developer tooling, shows that you understand some of the nuances involved in working in the cloud. Ruby on Rails and NodeJS Inevitably, your work on the front end will involve tweaking, or adding an API to our core back-end services. Since these services are written in Ruby on Rails and NodeJS, experience here will help you understand the greater technology deployment, and how the front end applications are served data. GitHub All of IZEA's code is source controlled on Github. We leverage Github Pull Requests for code reviews, Github integrations manage parts of our CI/CD pipeline, and Github releases define the code tags that ultimately get deployed. Much of our process documentation exists on Github pages. Familiarity with navigating Github's features will help you ramp up in our SDLC faster. JIRA IZEA uses JIRA to manage projects and report on progress to stakeholders inside and outside the company. While we strive to automate as much of JIRA as possible with bots, webhooks and reports, understanding how JIRA issues, links, attachments, and workflows work will help you understand our SDLC faster. About IZEA : We are IZEA: The Creator Marketplace. Our cloud-based technologies connect Brands and Publishers with content Creators who blog, tweet, pin, and post on their behalf. Our driving belief is that the only way to thrive in our rapidly changing world is to change ahead of it. IZEA is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention. While we may have invented the industry, we still operate like an entrepreneurial, scrappy start-up. Your time here will be exciting, educational, and at times, a bit crazy. With IZEA, you have the opportunity to join a non-traditional corporate culture, where creativity and productivity are valued over a suit and tie. We call it "The IZEA Way." California residents, please follow this link [] to view the types of information we may gather from California residents who are applicants, employees, or contractors of IZEA, and how we use such information.