• Minnetonka, MN, USA
  • Jun 18, 2020

Job Description

Our client is a vehicle startup working to enable safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions. Our mission is to transform cities and pave the way for a more sustainable future through the introduction of self-driving technologies. The Deployment Site is located on the South Shore. Our team hails from a diverse set of backgrounds, and cumulatively has decades of experience building self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles, manufacturing robots, surgical robots, autonomous drones, underwater robots, and more. We aim for a highly collaborative, hands-on, and open environment where peers learn from each other while building technologies for real-world environments. Transportation is for everyone, and we create a better product when our team reflects our users. We constantly strive for a culture where under-indexed groups are welcome and can flourish. Role The Operations Managers are the leaders of their respective site. As a Operations Manager, you will be focused on providing our customers with a professional autonomous transportation service as well as ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the site are running efficiently and safely. As a Operations Manager, you are always thinking about what is best for the site client and customers and continually improving our operations to meet our customers’ needs. You will work towards being closely acquainted with our user’s needs and, as such, you will be the primary voice of the site customer to the rest of the greater Optimus team. You are comfortable with a range of responsibilities from jacking up a car to inspect and diagnose vehicle hardware to meeting with site clients on a regular basis. Our team is focused on a rapid path to market, in order to maximize the benefits of self-driving technologies for all. To do this, we need team members to be versatile, have leadership qualities, and be enthusiastic about tackling problems across the full range of our systems. Working here you will innovate with engineers and designers who cumulatively have decades of experience at the top of their fields. You will be engaging customers who are eager to be first adopters of cutting-edge technologies and enable self-driving systems to be possible today. Responsibilities Manage daily operations of deployment site open from 6:30 AM - 7:30 PM weekdays Be the primary after hours contact for the site Create a safe and professional workplace with a strong customer-focused culture and model acceptable behavior Maintain an efficient, clean and organized siteCreate and optimize operational process as needed Ensure fleet and other asset inventory is secure and ready for service at all times Schedule and organize all reservations and pick-ups Actively participate in the training, coaching, general administration, and mentoring of the staff Oversee on-site personnel activities and schedule shifts weekly Manage customer account including client relations, community engagement, etc. Conduct tests with self-driving vehicles in pilot locations with mentorship from the engineering team Safely operate vehicle and follow test plans provided by test engineers Providing detailed feedback to the engineering team on test results and vehicle performance Requirements Bachelor’s degree in any field 2-3 year experience in one of the following areas: Operations, Sales, or Account/client management Previous management experience Strong leadership, self-initiative, resource utilization, and time management skills Ability to multitask, plan and organize time Comfort with computers and running/operating software from a laptop in a moving vehicle Comfort with driving and maintenance of vehicles Ability to pass background check Ability to test or operate vehicles in various driving conditions Bonus Previous branch management experience (e.g. hotel/hospitality, rental car agency, etc.) Familiarity with robotics Familiarity with LinuxIT background (by education or experience) Proficient in communicating with test engineers and managers Bachelor of Science in a technical field or a business/management field