Work Market

Work Market is a cloud-based platform where businesses and workers can manage their entire freelance workstream simply and securely.;We provide the tools & analytics needed to manage freelancers...from start to one dashboard.; Start by posting an assignment.;Then find the most qualified candidate in our freelance marketplace, or launch a social recruitment campaign.

Track the progress of your contractors with real-time notifications using the Work Market mobile app.;Seamlessly manage talent pools of hundreds of contractors. Pay contractors instantly when your assignment is complete.;Work Market maintains all the information you need to keep the IRS from knocking on your door and your 1099 budget on track. Our powerful analytics engine gives businesses better visibility to optimize labor costs, boost market coverage and improve compliance. With all this newfound intelligence, you can deploy an on-demand workforce that can help your business thrive for years to come.

Building the best damn enterprise software platform out there. NYC based, team-driven environment. Solving high volume concurrent transaction database problems, creating new ways for people to find and manage work around the world.We love talking about and working on the future of work.