The Flatiron School

The Flatiron School trains passionate, creative people of all ages in web and mobile development. It;s our goal to show students that programming is more than the mechanics of writing code or a route to a fulfilling career. It;s a collaborative endeavor that can help them find work they love. Our core programs are 12 weeks, full-time, and focused on web and iOS development, but we;ve also done everything from corporate training to teaching high school kids. We;ve partnered with NYC to provide free training to underrepresented groups in the tech community via the NYC Web Development Fellowship. We ing together incredible people with backgrounds ranging from investment bankers and spinal surgeons to Major League Baseball players, cartoonists and sky-diving instructors, who are passionate about technology. Our graduates are now working at startups like Etsy, Handybook and Venmo, and larger companies like Time Inc, Boeing and The New York Times.