Rockerbox has developed the technology to analyze ad requests in real-time and determine when consumers switch from casual owsing to purchase intent based owsing. Rockerbox targets consumers at this moment of inflection, resulting in better advertising performance and lower spend than traditional retargeting. Rockerbox is the leader in real-time user intent. By analyzing over 10 billion ad requests a day, Rockerbox is able to help marketers find and optimize against the time intent of consumers based on their owsing patterns across the web. Rockerbox uses best in class in-memory streaming technology to provide the most up-to-date analysis of user intent available.Our clients include top agencies and some of the most sophisticated e-commerce companies in the world. Rockerbox is the winner of the 2014 NYTimes 212 NYC Ad Tech startup of the year and won the 2014 Ad:Tech Startup Spotlight Series.