Rally Bus

Rally Bus helps users travel to the events they love. We;ve helped tens-of-thousands of people across North America extend their event day experience through their travel time. We operate on a crowdfunding model, which allows us to send buses from local charter companies between any two locations in the U.S. once enough people sign up for the trip. We;ve helped users in over 1000 cities so far, and that number continues to grow! Why Rally Bus? Right now, event travel is difficult. Hundreds of millions of people drive to stadiums and festivals each year, most of them in cars -- which means traffic jams, parking headaches, and massive CO2 emissions. Our customers keep the roads clear and green by traveling on efficient luxury coach buses, filled to the im with fellow fans. They don;t have to deal with travel, gas, tolls, or parking. Instead, Rally Bus and our professional drivers handle everything, giving fans a stress-free travel experience on their special day. Who Are We?Rally Bus is crowd-powered travel. Our technology connects people who are going to the same place, then delivers high-end buses to get them there and back, together. We were founded in 2012, and we;ve spent the last three years building a better form of mass transit.Why Work Here?We offer a competitive salary and you;ll earn equity in a startup.; As we grow, we want people to grow with us and own their departments.; Health insurance and as many days off as you need; Our office is on the 23rd floor of Park Avenue Tower, in Midtown. “Good view” doesn;t really do it justice.; You;ll get cheap or free travel to a huge number of concerts, sporting events, and more.; We;re small enough that you can become friends with the entire team, and we;re growing fast enough that you;ll make new friends on a regular basis.