Priori Legal

Priori Legal is a curated legal marketplace connecting high-growth start-ups and SMBs with a network of vetted lawyers at their most competitive rates. We make the process of finding, hiring and managing lawyers efficient, transparent and cost-effective.For clients, we thoroughly vet all the lawyers in our network for quality, compile a hand-selected short-list of lawyers, negotiate fixed fee packages (and a net-15% discount off market rates), and allow for complimentary conference calls and payment. For lawyers, we handle client acquisition, back-office billing and invoicing and provide sophisticated metrics to help lawyers run profitable, efficient practices. Priori Legal is the leading b2b legal marketplace. We are a collaborative, passionate team committed to transforming the legal industry with our high-tech platform and innovative business model. Priori is poised to revolutionize the way businesses find, hire and work with lawyers. Working with us gives you a unique opportunity to be at the vanguard of disrupting a multibillion dollar industry.