eakout Commerce is creating suites of developer tools that enable marketplaces that have historically existed offline in antiquated industries. Our first major platform is, which offers web and mobile developer tools that enable a marketplace for on-demand and inventory less manufacturing. is the AWS or Twilio of the space, a $72 billion market in the US and over $700 billion globally.Our platform aims to serve 100,000;s of potential partners as either a monetization tool, a anded merchandise resource, or as a necessary piece of their business infrastructure.By integrating with Printio, companies benefit from a single point of access to the largest international network of commercial manufacturers and printers. Our International network automates the on-demand fulfillment any type of physical collateral.By democratizing access with developer tools we can enhance the worlds creativity and enable mass customization. Perks:; - Competitive salary and benefits;; - Options that could help you retire before your parents;; - Above industry bonuses based on company and individual performance;; - Choose your own workstation;; - The opportunity to do more than your peers and join an excellent team;; - Work from home a few days a week;; - A top-notch product organization with great people you can learn from; - This position will give you an opportunity to really shine in the organization by being the first full time customer support manager. You will start with a team of 5 friendly and hard working customer support team members who are anxious for you to take the bull by the horn.