Merchant Atlas

We are pioneering digital sales by creating the perfect selling machine.Traditional sales methods are slow and expensive, but sales are critical for every internet company.Our digital sales rep sells our clients; goods and services faster and at a lower cost than human sales reps so our clients can scale affordably and profitably.We accomplish this via data at scale + machine learning + best practices.Our SAAS solution delivers 5%-10% conversion rates with customer acquisition costs of $250-$500, comparing favorably with less than 1% conversion rates and $1,500+ customer acquisition costs with traditional sales forces. We have a small tight venture backed team that is focusing on one of the biggest challenge every company faces: sales. Sales teams are too big and too expensive. With patented machine learning technology we have discovered that machines are the best sales people!Most importantly we have a ping pong table with serious competitors and a Nespresso machine in our office.