MemSQL is the leading real-time analytics database used to consume high velocity data as well as analyze terabyte-scale data sets in seconds. Designed from the ground up for 21st century workloads, MemSQL combines hundreds to thousands of CPU cores in a distributed system with data elevated into working memory.By connecting commodity servers in a cluster, MemSQL can resolve complex analytical queries quickly while simultaneously ingesting millions of events per second. MemSQL is a Y-Combinator, SF-based startup that is leading the next wave of big data. MemSQL;s real-time database is the fastest performing and most scalable database for transactions & analytics. Those early to take advantage include customers: Comcast, Boeing, Samsung, Zynga, etc.; Investors: NEA, Accel Partners, Khosla Ventures, In-Q-Tel; capitalizing MemSQL with $50M across just two tranches of investment; and we;ve hardly scratched the surface.MemSQL allows applications to run in-memory, scales horizontally on commodity hardware, and able to be deployed anywhere; both on-premise and in the cloud. MemSQL is built on a distributed system with a lock-free data structure able to ingest limitless amounts of data with zero downtime. Features include geospatial functionality, connectors & integrations allowing companies to combine semi-structured data all in one place.MemSQL has an incredibly high-caliber team at one of the most exciting high-growth companies in tech. If you have the track record to be part of this elite team, we want to talk to you.