Maker's Row

Maker;s Row is the future of manufacturing.;As an online marketplace, we are driving the next American industrial revolution by supporting small business manufacturing.;Launched in November 2012, the Maker;s Row community has grown to over 5K American manufacturers and 60K ands from first-time;entrepreneurs to big box ands. The ultimate goal of Maker;s Row is to be the leading;platform for SMB product creation.; Founded in November 2012, Maker;s Row is headquartered in ooklyn, NY. At Maker;s Row, creative thinking and problem solving are at the cornerstone of our operation as we push the boundaries of knowledge and access to product manufacturing. We are a tight-knit team where individual contributions play a vital role in shaping our product daily. We are looking for leaders with drive, creativity and a strong belief in teamwork.Our marketplace focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses by making the manufacturing process easy to understand and access domestically. At Maker;s Row, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented, hard-working team in inging much needed change to a vital sector of the US economy.