At Kinnek, we;re building a new platform for small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs), inging their purchasing and supplier relationships online. We help businesses ranging from from restaurants to wineries and microeweries to bakeries save time and money on anything they need to open and operate. We also offer suppliers a set of tools to quickly communicate and win new business, while growing their distribution channel through qualified leads only Kinnek could ing them.With over 4.7 Million SMBs in the US alone, purchasing over $2.2 Trillion in equipment & physical goods, we;re undertaking a massive challenge to fundamentally change the way businesses interact.Our small team is based in the heart of New York City and we;re backed by some of the best investors in New York and Silicon Valley. We;re hiring across all teams and offer a ground floor opportunity to build from scratch a company as well a new online marketplace. Kinnek is changing the way small businesses interact with each other.  We are disrupting the multi-trillion dollar SMB purchasing market by inging price transparency, algorithmic learning, and scalability to a business that is still reliant on personal phone calls and emails. We are doing something that has not been done (successfully) before. Ever. We have real customers, real revenue, a whole lot of Python code and a very big dream.We have a flat hierarchy and will discuss any idea from any person. It;s a massive market, an exciting opportunity, and we;ve got a pretty sweet team (if we do say so ourselves) with diverse career experiences from hedge funds to five-star restaurant kitchens. We;d love to chat with you if you;re interesting in helping us build the dominant B2B platform.