Keen IO

Keen IO is an API platform that lets developers collect and study custom events at a massive scale.An "event" is a pretty oad abstraction, so let;s unpack that a bit: Every time someone loads a webpage, clicks a link, draws a breath, takes a step, pauses a song, or starts a car, there;s an event. Events like these, in large aggregate, are extremely useful -- and therefore valuable.But studying these sorts of custom events at massive scale is difficult, and before Keen IO, required a deeply specialized data engineering team.

We imagined a world in which any generalist software developer can wield event data powerfully well, and without such a specialized background.It;s probably worth mentioning that we;re a platform, not a product.

While a product company plots a course and steers into product-market fit, we allow product-market fit to come to us.This approach has given our business a diverse & robust base of earning power that is growing at an increasingly rapid rate.

Mission = The Discovery of Truth.Things we look for in a new team member:

• Learning agility;

• Abstract reasoning;

• Empathy;

• Confidence, but tempered by humility & the drive to get even better;

• Team-oriented;

• The Right Kind of Ambition

Some things we believe in:

• Radical transparency;

• Introspection;

• Distributed innovation;

• Design with a capital "D";

• The importance of laughter;

• Relationships are everything;

• Play to your strengths; patch your weaknesses with diverse collaborators