We make a legendarily painful process delightful. Today people are used to trudging through Craigslist to find a furnished rental. With HomeSuite, you just tell us what you want and we deliver a few of the best options that have already been vetted and confirmed. You can book with the click of a button. This reduces the time spent searching for an apartment from dozens of hours to less than an hour. We are operating in Palo Alto with $350K of leases signed and doubling month over month! HomeSuite is our dream. If this dream resonates with you, come work with us!HomeSuite has a massive dream and mission. Our objective is to change the way people live. Finding housing today is a nightmare - imagine being able to move from place to place seamlessly without worrying about buying furniture or getting locked into a lease. We take cues from companies like Uber and Instacart that prove that reducing friction in a market with pent up demand on either side of the market can dramatically increase the size of the market. We believe that through our hard work and passion we can create a major new category of residential housing: on-demand.HomeSuite is an unlimited growth opportunity. We are a team of driven, hard-working individuals. At HomeSuite you will be pushed to the limit and find out what you are made of. You will be challenged beyond what you thought possible. There is no place where you can learn more.HomeSuite is a fun place to work. We keep active with regular happy hours, team hiking, BBQs and a high energy and fun work environment. We believe in each individual finding the right sustainable balance of work and life for them. We stay connected to our mission, so everything we do, we know that we are making a difference. We are located in the best city in the world. Great nightlife, beautiful outdoors and world-class culture are all at your fingertips. Inside and outside work, HomeSuite is a great place to be.