It is said that if you don;t know where you;re going, any road will take you there. That;s why Gocus was never designed to be just another recordkeeping or scheduling program. Instead, it is a custom-built system that is slated to change the way life insurance and other professionals handle their day-to-day altogether. How? By making sure there;s a constant, clear goal in place, at the forefront. With you, we have what it takes to go far. Gocus is on a mission to attract qualified thinkers and doers of a certain mindset. We are seeking to combine the talents of individuals who have the wherewithal to join a startup – a well-funded and well-caffeinated startup, as it were – instead of becoming another number at a large institution. If you want to impact difference, we want to know you. Join us and be valued. Be heard. Be part of our core team. Assume a position, not just employment, with a competent company that;s already serving clients and has a promising future ahead. You in?