FoodieForAll delivers the best eats to your office from the most popular restaurants that you wish delivered.Restaurant Problem: Restaurants, especially the good ones, have bursts of demand during peak hours. At these times, restaurants are maxed out on capacity and cannot make deliveries. This is why 65% of NYC restaurants (the better ones) do not deliver.Consumer Problem: Busy professionals want to enjoy high quality food from popular places, but most of them are too busy to wait in line or have a sit down meal at these restaurants.For the restaurants:; 1) utilize downtime to create incremental revenue; 2) handle logistics and deliveries; 3) preserve food quality, taste and texture by using professional catering equipmentFor the consumers:; 1) deliver from top restaurants that otherwise do not deliver such as Nobu, ABC Kitchen and Shake Shack; 2) provide the ability to receive delivery from multiple restaurants in one order; 3) deliver anywhere in Manhattan at a reasonable fee FoodieForAll solves a major problem for top restaurants and customers. #1 problem of top restaurants is trying to increase the number of customers they serve, but they are constrained by the capacity of their kitchens and dining rooms. On the other hand busy customers have to settle for mediocre food when they eat takeout at their desks. With FoodieForAll, top chefs use the downtime in their kitchens to prepare ;specially designed for delivery; items for business customers and FoodieForAll delivers them. This way FoodieForAll solves a very big problems for both restaurants and the customers.FoodieForAll is a fast growing startup founded by a Harvard MBA, Bain, BCG alum. It was recently accepted into the prestigious Food-X accelerator program and has raised seed funding.