Emissary gives sales and new business teams an unfair advantage by connecting them with relevant former executives from pitch targets.Our product integrates directly into your sales pipeline and taps our database of advisors to ensure your sales organization has the advisors they need to win more deals, faster. We;re in a rare situation -- early stage, but funded with a revenue-generating product that we can;t sell fast enough. We pay competitively, offer great health benefits, and get you the gear you need to do your job while still offering the equity and leadership opportunities that getting in on the ground floor give you.Culture, to us, is everything. If you;re looking for crushing-it ogrammers, we might not be the company for you. We have a happy, diverse, thoughtful culture that enforces mutual accountability. We have an amazing team, and amazing team activities ranging from movies and lunch excursions to quarterly upstate retreats.