DoubleDutch is an award-winning provider of mobile applications for events, conferences, associations, and trade shows worldwide. DoubleDutch creates a anded event app for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers to communicate, navigate, and engage at events like never before.By leveraging game mechanics and social functionality, DoubleDutch apps are designed for maximum engagement. As mobile app users engage with the application by posting updates to sessions, rating speakers, and bookmarking content, they leave a digital trail that can provide valuable insights into how to best serve them in the future.By processing and analyzing every tap of the application, DoubleDutch is able to map users to content types or products. In this way, every event attendee can be scored and assigned to the appropriate lead or content category. The analysis of this data offers a precise, actionable guide that will help marketers better serve stakeholders, and optimize future events. DoubleDutch is the most innovative mobile tech startup in the enterprise space. We;re leveraging the best of consumer technology to help solve real work problems.Learn more:;a target=_blank href=http:doubledutch.mejobs.aspxhttp:doubledutch.mejobs.aspxa; Check out our homemade ;office life; video:;a target=_blank href=http:vimeo.com40323976http:vimeo.com40323976a