Docurated is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform that unlocks the best content and provides an innovative and useful way to turn all of your content stored locally and in the Cloud into actionable resources to be viewed, manipulated, and managed in a very aesthetic and visual manner. Knowledge workers waste untold hours searching for content that exists somewhere in the depths of their company;s file repositories. Often they end up having to re-create it from scratch. Docurated provides a layer over existing file systems, enabling you to quickly and easily surface, reuse and collaborate on your most relevant content. The applicable use-cases run across the various lines of business - anyone who produces and uses content can benefit. The Team -- Work with an exceptional team of entepreneurs with a proven track record of scaling and building businessesThe Opportunity -- We are disrupting one of the biggest challenges in enteprise IT -- how to unlock the vast knowledge trapped in repositories and make it actionable. This is a $20B market and Docurated is positioned to be one of the leading franchises in this space.Traction -- We are growing at incredible rates -- 10x growth in revenue in the past 4 months and working with some of the world;s leading companies and ands including Clorox, Netflix, WPP, Interpublic, Cox, and many othersBig Problems -- We are solving some of the biggest technicaldata problems around document processing, metadata extraction, and collaborative filtering