Everyone that uses the web today faces some version of the password problem. Many know that their passwords are unsafe, either because they;re trivial to crack or they;re reused on several websites. Many others forget their passwords and stop using services, or shy away from new online services altogether – because remembering passwords and registering for new websites with new passwords is a pain. And these folks are also constantly annoyed by having to type out long strings of meaningless numbers, dates, and codes to conduct a simple act of buying online (or even more painfully, on their mobile device) – an act that is as simple as a swipe in the physical world. We created Dashlane to solve these problems with one neat solution that is simple, secure, and universal. Our users don;t trade security for convenience – they get both. We have a great company culture that empowers people to take ownership of any idea. Literally anyone can innovate and run point for a product feature.Over 3 million people use Dashlane to manage their passwords, automatically log in, generate strong passwords, pay on any website without ever typing card info, and more. Dashlane users have collectively spent over $1b online with our digital wallet. Our solution has won critical acclaim by top publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today.; We have a stellar team of developers, designers, marketers and math nerds in New York City and Paris, France, and are Series B funded by Rho Ventures, FirstMark Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.