Featured in the WSJ, Bloomberg, Businessweek, Forbes, The Real Deal & The Commercial Observer. We create transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that his hard to find, difficult to compile or otherwise unavailable. Our data is used by institutional owners to compare properties, hedge funds to make investments, and provides meaningful data for okers, investors, appraisers, asset managers, and more. Our first product is a marketplace for the exchange of lease comps. We are making a positive impact on the antiquated commercial real estate industry by creating much needed efficiency and transparency. Our employees are driven superstars who strive to expand CompStak to every market in the US and put it in front of every commercial real estate professional. Compstak is a fun place to work! Join us if you want to help us transform a $500 billion industry.

CompStak New York, NY, USA
Apr 03, 2020
CompStak is seeking a visionary, strategic thinker, and ambassador to rally all necessary resources to ensure that CompStak continues to expand its member base and grow its database in all existing markets and new markets.;These are some of the awesome accomplishments you'll achieve over your first year:1. Grow deep relationships with EVERY major brokerage and appraisal firm, resulting in national partnerships, and embracing CompStak throughout the industry2. Continue to develop and grow a large and engaged member base of commercial real estate brokers, appraisers and researchers.3. Growth in the size of the CompStak database in all markets that is completely unprecedented.4. Expansion into new markets that before seemed nearly impossible to crack.5. Creating a relationship with our members that is meaningful and substantive.YOUR EXPERIENCE1. Proven track record of negotiating complex deals with high-level people.2. High-level experience in the brokerage world.3. Growth hacking experience. Has used limited resources to achieve incredible growth (e.g. a successful entrepreneur, a market expansion person for Uber, etc.)4. Incredibly outgoing and likable. The kind of person that makes you WANT to do something for them (a politician?).5. Absurdly creative. Will think of new ways to do things that meet the definition of “outside the box.”ABOUT USCompStak is a tech startup in the commercial real estate and data analytics space. We're in our third round of funding, backed by one of the premier VC firms, and growing fast! We're currently in the top 14 markets in the US, and looking to expand to an additional 20.WHY WORK AT COMPSTAK?Lots of autonomy, ownership and creative freedom.;No set hours, holidays, or slow bureaucracy.;Work with an amazing team. We invest in brilliance.;Work for a fully-funded startup with multi-year runway.;Awesome environment and culture. Friday lunches, unlimited vacation, dog friendly