Boomtrain is a personalized notification platform that leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to drive increased clicks, engagement and revenue through customer communications. Our technology surfaces the content that;s most likely to engage any individual and delivers it via email, push notifications, or the web. All automated, all in real-time. We;re not on this earth to sling code line after line. We;re here to create value in people;s lives and it just so happens that we thrive at developing amazing platforms.You think about user experience and business challenges in one fell swoop because you;re an engineer and a designer. You;re an anthropologist and a behavioral psychologist. You;re driven to be a big part of something that;s growing and you;re determined to make it awesome at all costs. Autonomy is your rocket fuel.Plus, we;re inging together an amazing team of engineers, product heros and salesmarketing (growing every week). It takes a certain spark to be on this team - one that isn;t taught by a fancy school or a decade in a field. It;s the kind of gumption that only entrepreneurs and polymaths have.And wait, there;s more. We run hackathons every 3 months in a remote location so we can crush non-core code, eat semi-famous eakfasts (compliments of a founder) and stay up too late becoming friends.