Bindo is a mobile marketplace of the stores near you. We deploy our iPad-based point of sale to local stores, which provides the marketplace with real-time inventory, so you can search local stores and order from your mobile device for immediate pickup or delivery. ***** Local Commerce *****; Bindo unites local retailers and enables 247 local shopping at your fingertips. Essentially, we deploy a cloud-based POS to local merchants (or integrate with theirs), index products and create a search engine for local inventory. Bindo Marketplace puts the convenience of local shopping at the fingertips of consumers, 247. As the network grows, Bindo becomes a real-time product graph, connecting ands, consumers and merchants.***** Analytics Platform *****; Bindo also serves as the Bloomberg for retail. Fueled by real-time in-storeonline sales, consumer, andproductcategory, location and business analytics, Bindo enables other retail innovation.