Bindo is a mobile marketplace of the stores near you. We deploy our iPad-based point of sale to local stores, which provides the marketplace with real-time inventory, so you can search local stores and order from your mobile device for immediate pickup or delivery. ***** Local Commerce *****; Bindo unites local retailers and enables 247 local shopping at your fingertips. Essentially, we deploy a cloud-based POS to local merchants (or integrate with theirs), index products and create a search engine for local inventory. Bindo Marketplace puts the convenience of local shopping at the fingertips of consumers, 247. As the network grows, Bindo becomes a real-time product graph, connecting ands, consumers and merchants.***** Analytics Platform *****; Bindo also serves as the Bloomberg for retail. Fueled by real-time in-storeonline sales, consumer, andproductcategory, location and business analytics, Bindo enables other retail innovation.

Bindo New York, NY, USA
Aug 24, 2019
Bindo is growing FAST and we care about delivering an awesome customer experience. To that end, we;re bringing on a new Sales Support Specialist.;** What will I be doing?;**;Sales Lead Generation - helping to qualify leads for our Sales team;New Merchant On-boarding - helping our new merchants move from their old system to Bindo;Customer Support - responding to calls and emails for new and existing customersYou;ll work with our Sales and Client Services teams and report directly to our cofounder.;** Would I make a great Sales Support Specialist?;**;You might, if you're upbeat, positive and resourceful! Empathy is also key. If you have a strong drive to help others, you might make a kick-ass Sales Support Specialist.;** What additional skillz should I have? **;; First of all, you should know that skills is not spelled with a “z”! Sales support specialists do a lot of writing.;;;;Know how to use a Mac and have a more than casual knowledge of iPads. Our product is iPad-based, after all.;;;;Know your way around a spreadsheet. We're not talking pivot tables, but you'll need to handle basic data manipulation via Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.;;;;Have above average HTML skills.;;;;Have above average IT skills. Oh, you know what bridge mode on a router is? Great.;;;Have great phone presence.;