Arthena is the first equity crowdfunding platform that gives individuals access to collect with art world experts. We provide transparency to the global art market. Individuals choose advisors who match their interests, pool their capital with other collectors, and invest in expertly curated art collections. Arthena collectors also gain access to exclusive studio visits, lectures, panel discussions, and gallery and art fair tours. We;re educating the next generation of great collectors online. As a member of Arthena, you;ll become an insider in the art world. Arthena is full of awesome, creative people trying to reinvent the way people think about Art. Whether it;s the free food, awesome people, SoHo office, or exclusive access to the hottest Art events in NYC, you;ll love working here.;

Arthena New York, NY, USA
Apr 20, 2019
We're looking for someone who can come on and crush sales operations and help fill in the gaps on several projects.As a Sales Ops employee, you will be responsible for executing emails to go out to potential clients for Arthena. You will also be responsible for corresponding with Users on the Platform. You will use Hubspot extensively.Its a fun dynamic fast paced environment to join! We have people threatening to drop out of college to come on full-time (joking...not joking.)