Seven Horrible Job Search Tips to Ignore

Hunting for a new job is difficult as it is without tips and guides misleading you. Unfortunately, you are bound to come across hundreds of the latter as the internet, causing you to bid farewell to your job before even landing it. The following seven are especially lethal to your job search efforts, so avoid them like the plague.

  1.    Create Your CV According to XYZ Format - There is no need for you to follow a certain type of format while creating your resume. Be as creative and different as you can be and make sure to let your achievements speak for you.
  2.    Follow the Steps Detailed in the Ad to Land the Job - The job market is becoming competitive, therefore expect many people to apply just like you. Though many would never admit this, HR managers often do not go through all the resumes sent to the address advertised. So, if you have a friend on the inside, let them forward your resume instead of going through the usual channels.
  3.    Tell the Interviewer How Much You Are Making at Your Current Job to Impress Them - HR representatives responding to your email or taking your interview will always inquire about your current or previous salary. Most guides will tell you to impress them through quoting an exact or exaggerated amount. However, ask the company about its offer first so that you can get control over the salary negotiation process rather than them.
  4.    Make Sure Your Interviewer Knows How Much You Want This Job - No one appreciates desperation and it is downright unappealing. Instead of letting them know how much you want the job, ask questions about the job itself. That shows you mean business and that you have a professional attitude.
  5.    Add a Column in Your Resume Highlight Testimonials from Previous Employers - The company will hire the person who appears the most confident. If you talk about what your boss always said about you during your, it will indicate that you measure yourself by other people’s appreciation only.
  6.    Ask the Interviewer Why They Would Not Hire You After You Are Done – Asking whether you are the right person for the job shows that you are far from confident in yourself and abilities. Simply end the interview with a thank you, send a follow up ‘thank you’ email, and let the HR personnel take their time with the decision.
  7.    Have Your Reference Letter On You During the Interview - Your reference letter is your ace; and you never show your hand before you have something concrete in your hand. The interview is not just an examination of your skills; it is also a negotiation. Make sure to keep the letter with you until you hear a positive response in return.

Avoid falling for these bad job search tips in order to get the job you wanted all along.