How to Use Webinars to Sell

How to Use Webinars to Sell

Webinars have proven to be one of the most effective content marketing tools. After all, 20-30% of those attending them turn into potential leads, adding to brands’ sales. What most salespeople do not know, though, is that they can use webinars to meet their targets. According to, 40% of webinar listeners are attentive from start to finish, which is more than you can say for calls.

If you want to use a great webinar to boost your sales quota, here are the steps you should follow while creating it.

  1.    Always Introduce Yourself – Start by introducing who you are and why people should listen to you. This will help you build rapport and ensure that people trust you.
  2.    Highlight the Benefits You Offer – After telling your audience who you are, it is time for you to go over the benefits attendees will get from watching or listening to you. Provide reasons that will make them stick to the end.
  3.    Present the Problem to Identify the Issue at Hand – Combine your copywriting and sales skills to explain the problem your webinar will tackle. Remember to find an enemy to blame rather than berating people on their faults.
  4.    Build Your Rapport with Attendees – You need to build rapport with the audience by sharing that you too have been through the same situation before, but only if that was true. From there, you should explain that you found a solution that helped you get great results. However, do not reveal the solution just yet.
  5.    Include Valuable Content – Demonstrate your credibility by adding valuable information to your webinar. Go beyond explaining what your audience should do to entail how they should do it.
  6.    Provide the Solution You Came Up With – Move towards the pitch after presenting your content and offer the solution to the issue. You can choose to direct the audience towards your product or present the solution as an entity, explain it, and then connect it to your product or service. Adding testimonials will make your solution stand out as well.
  7.    Explain What You Guarantee – Share with your audiences your guarantees and tackle any concerns they may have before concluding.

Through these seven steps, you can definitely create webinars that will sell and give your career as a salesperson a boost.