9 Signs You Should Run Away from That Sales Job Offer

9 Signs You Should Run Away from That  Sales Job Offer

As the unemployment rate in the USA is 4% as of January 2019, job applicants may be more than happy to accept any job offer that comes their way. However, even if the company looks great and the salary package is too good to be true, there are signs you should look out for to determine whether you are getting the deal of a lifetime or walking into hell hole.

#1) Potential Employer Agreed to Your Offer Right Away

If the place you were interviewed at is offering you much more than what you are worth, and interviewers did not even negotiate or counter your offer, you should definitely look at other options before becoming the next slave there.

#2) The Interviewer Cannot Stop Praising the Work Environment

For starters, no one has to TELL you that the work environment is comfortable. This is something you experience yourself and may define differently from others.  If your interviewer tells you how “fun” the environment is, run in the other direction because no one wants you to have fun on the company’s clock.

#3) You are not Allowed to Talk to Your Co-workers

Work environments become really comfortable if you mingle with your co-workers. So, if the company is forcing you to not converse with your colleagues, chances are that it is trying to hide something. So, decline the job offer and seek a better opportunity.

#4) The Interviewer Talks about Negative Reviews During the Interview

Test the waters by asking about negative reviews in a direct yet polite manner and observe how the interviewer reacts. If the interviewer gets mad or starts to blame other people, this is not the environment you want to work in.

#4) The Employer Cannot Explain Why This Vacancy Exists

You should always ask about the spot you are filling, why it is vacant, and what happened to the employer who held it before you. A good growing company will have reasons like “the previous person got promoted” or “we are expanding the team of this department”. If they do not have such positive explanations, you should definitely be concerned.

#5) Many People are Leaving the Company

Research the company before accepting a job offer. If you find out that it has a big turnover rate, the conditions there are not comfortable. Do not go for a company that has a turnover rate of more than 30-50% because the average turnover rate in the US is under 20%.

#6) Communication Has Been Unprofessional

If you are getting calls in the middle of the night or the emails you received have flowery, superfluous language, this is not the company you should work for. If the communication is far from professional, chances are that the company may be waiting for an expert like you to take the reins.

#7) There are Discrepancies Between the Actual Interview and Terms in the Offer

If the things stated in your job offer were not discussed during the interview, there may be poor communication between the HR department and the manager or even deception. These are red flags which can indicate worse issues in the future.

#8) Your Work-Life Balance May be at Stake

If the job description on the offer letter suggests that you will be working extra hours or traveling often, your work-life balance may become unhealthy. So, refuse the offer if you want to give your family and yourself some time as well.

#9) You Do Not Have the Right Motives

When accepting a job, you move away from negative things towards positive things. If you are accepting an offer because you are tired of your current employer or want to leave the unemployment pool, re-consider the job offer because you may be jumping from the pan and into the fire.

If you notice any of these nine signs, send your CV around so that you can get a job that is more suitable for you.