7 Reasons Your Resume Is at The Bottom of The Pile

If your resumes are not getting the response you wanted, chances are that you suspect them ending in the trash can. Unfortunately, you may not be altogether wrong. Your resume may be collecting dust at the bottom of the pile, not getting the attention it truly deserves. The following are some of the reasons why this is happening to you.  

  1.    Bad Objective Statement – Yes, your potential employer does read your objective statement, so you need to avoid generic content and definitely NEVER copy/paste from the web. Instead, give your employers something specific and more focused on their needs.
  2.    Lack of Relevancy – You may have added numerous irrelevant details to your resume. You need to focus on the job description and ensure that your resume targets it. In short, be ready to redesign your resume according to the job you are applying for every time.
  3.    Extra Fluff - Phrases like “Hard-Worker” or “Inspired and Motivated” are considered fluff, i.e. they lack substance. Instead of these, focus on your achievements and learn how to self-praise yourself without coming off as too confident or proud.
  4.    No KeywordsThe better the company you apply for, the busier its HR department will be. Therefore, rather than skimming  through hundreds of resumes, they may automate the whole process. To ensure that the system picks your resume, consider using keywords that best match your skill set and job aspirations.
  5.    Typos and Grammatical Errors – Your resume needs to be perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar. Not ensuring this will ‘prove’ to your potential employers that you either do not know how to write or do not care enough to put a few minutes into proofreading your resume.
  6.    Busy Visuals – The extra effort you put into the visuals of your resume may be too much for interviewers. Avoid using many fonts or overwhelming readers with blocks of text. Get someone to check your resume before you send it through.
  7.    Not Listing Skills – While you may think that the ‘Skills’ section is an optional part, you need to actually add it to show that you are a worthy investment.

Check your current resume for these mistakes and make sure to weed them out before they further affect your chances of a great job.