10 Habits That Will Earn You a Bad Rep in the Office

10 Habits That Will Earn You a Bad Rep in the Office

Nothing can hurdle the success of a sales professional as badly as a bad reputation. Though no one is perfect, the mark which some of your habits leave on the minds of people you work or even your clients can be too tough to get rid of. To ensure that you maintain a good rep at your workplace, here are ten common habits you need to get rid of right away.

1. Responding Slowly - Do take your sweet time in responding to emails or other forms of communication at work? This can be frustrating for your coworkers and your clients. Even if you are busy, make sure to send a single line telling the recipient that you will get back to them once you get the information they need.

2. Procrastinating - Putting off work continuously is bound to affect your productivity and create unnecessary stress. These, in turn, can turn you into a monster to be around. So, tackle the tasks entrusted to you as they come by.

3.     Talking More but Listening Less – Talking more than you listen and understand will affect your career and reputation at work. Not only will this make others perceive that you are arrogant, it will tune them out. So, be more attentive to what others say before adding your two cents.

4. Complaining Too Much - No matter how upset you are about your personal life or even your work life, do not complain about it at work. In addition to proving that you are not an effective problem solver, this negative mindset will also harm your mental health. So, try to practice positivity to be more productive.

5. Badmouthing the Employer – Do not criticize your employer behind their backs, be it around the watercooler or on social media. This is not the best way to deal with a problem and it will show others that you lack proactivity, which is an important skill for salespeople.

6. Running Late - If you are frequently late to work, important meetings and project deadlines, it is time to change. This hurts your chances of getting a promotion or that important and impressive project.

7. Refusing to Socialize - Try to mingle with your coworkers and form stable professional relationships. Not only will this show how humble you are, it will ensure that others collaborate with you. If you intend to become a sales hacker, this is a must.

8. Losing Your Temper - Be polite and respectful with everyone even if they get on your nerves. The better you can control your temper, the more likely your employer will take note of your dedication and persistence.

9.     Being Too Rigid – Flexibility is a must for salespeople. After all, you need to adapt according to the personas you come across to truly succeed.

10.  Overpromising – Many salespeople try pushing the envelope when it comes to promises. However, what you need to do is make maximum promises according to your ability to deliver. Otherwise, everyone will assume you are lying and cheating.

If you are guilty any of these habits, make sure to get rid of them right away to become a better co-worker, employer, and salesperson.