10 Habits of Sales Hackers

10 Habits of Sales Hackers

Sales hackers, i.e. people passionate about optimizing every step of the sales process, do exist. You will find them fussing over the tools, roles, tasks and goals set by the company. They will also be collaborating with marketing and product departments to make their work easier. However, these are not the only aspects which make sales hackers unique.

Here are ten habits which sales hackers have embraced and continue exhibiting on the floor.

    1. Sales hackers create ideal customer profiles and focus on data-qualified prospects. Trust them to keep accurate records of existing customers to study their preferences.

   2. They constantly try to improve the quality of the product to maximize customer satisfaction. After all, no matter how great their sales hacking efforts are, they know they cannot secure many sales if the product quality is low.

    3. They tend to obsess over sales data and meticulously analyze metrics.

    4. Trust them to tackle bottlenecks in the sales process with data-driven solutions. Data will show where the problems occur, allowing them to come up with creative solutions to solve these problems.

    5. Sales hackers can make the sales process highly predictable and structured. This, in turn, will help in planning improvements and pinpointing problems.

    6. Their passion for optimizing the sales process drives them to try out the new sales automation tools available in the market.

    7. They use the best CRM and keep it updated. Every call, email, must be recorded by the CRM as this data will provide them with valuable metrics.

    8. They will always have fun by gamifying the sales process. They will propose and rely on leaderboards, badges, skill points, etc. to drive up sales production.

    9. They will constantly experiment with new methods to come up with sales tricks. Therefore, their noses will be in blog posts, forums, podcasts and even educational courses on the latest techniques.

  10. Sales hackers will not think twice before contacting existing clients because they need their feedback to improve their lead qualification process and improve their sales pitch.

To become a great sales hacker, embrace these habits. If you don't you may become obsolete.